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Car Insurance

Having the coverage you need while out on the road is a must! Not only will it provide the protection you need, if an accident should happen, but it can also offer peace of mind knowing that someone has your back. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance that you can trust, you’re in the right place.

Homeowners Insurance

Protecting your home in Jacksonville with homeowners insurance can not only save you money if the unexpected should strike, but can also give you the assurance that someone has your back. Our insurance company offers affordable homeowners insurance that can protect you. Learn more about the benefits of home insurance and the protection you need.

Renters Insurance

You never know when your neighbor's bath might overflow or an accident with the washer might occur. Protect yourself and easily replace damaged possessions with renters insurance. We offer affordable premiums so you can continue to make ends meet while having the protection in Jacksonville you need and deserve.

Business Insurance

Keeping your business protected is an absolute must! You’ve worked hard to make it what it is and have poured countless hours into maintaining and growing your assets. Have peace of mind and make sure your business is protected from the unexpected with the coverage you can count on. Learn what business insurance can do for you in Jacksonville and how Reliance Insurance can offer you what you need at an affordable rate.

Personal Insurance We Offer

Having the coverage you need doesn’t have to be out of reach. By getting the insurance you need all under one roof and with our competitive, affordable rates, we can create a coverage plan that works for you. Learn about the possibilities for you in Jacksonville!

Flood Insurance

In addition to homeowners insurance, many in Jacksonville need flood insurance. Why? Unfortunately, most home insurance plans don’t provide any coverage in the event of a flood. Know you will be able to pick up the pieces in the event of a watery disaster with affordable flood insurance.

Yacht, Trailer & Boat Insurance

It’s important to protect your investment just in case the worst should happen — and with Reliance Insurance, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Protect your yacht, trailer, boat, and other watercraft with boat insurance! We can provide you the coverage you need in Jacksonville. Get a quote today!

Health Insurance

Even if you are healthy, you need health insurance! Why? You need protection “just in case” the worst should happen. Going to the doctor, even for a small cold can cost a lot. However, the price of not addressing small issues, in the beginning, can be colossal if they turn into something more serious. Don’t leave your health up to chance and don’t let your finances deter you from getting the care you deserve. Get a quote today!

Commercial Insurance We Provide

If you are a local Jacksonville business, you need to protect yourself. You have worked hard to build your business, maintain and grow the assets that you have, and build your future. Don’t leave your dream and your investments up to chance. Get affordable coverage you need in Jacksonville with Reliance Insurance!

Liability Insurance

We all hope for the best, but “hoping” does little good when the unexpected strikes. Protect yourself in the case of a civil lawsuit with liability insurance. Reliance Insurance offers affordable coverage to protect your assets! Don’t leave the fate of your business up to chance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Keeping your fleet safe no matter what life throws at you is an absolute must for commercial drivers and business owners alike. Know you have the coverage you need with Reliance Insurance. We can partner with you to ensure that your business enterprises are always protected.

Fidelity Bond & Surety Bond Insurance

You can control who you hire, but you can’t always control what they do. Protect yourself against dishonest individuals and the damages they can inflict on your company